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Licensing & Operation

Here are some successful examples illustrating how the Company is monetizing its IP resources by licensing, marketing planning and solutions.

Run Cartoon Run, the Group's brand sports program, is a family run event organized by licensing well-known cartoon IPs and partnering with high-end automobile 4S stores including Mercedes Benz.

Around 40 Run Cartoon Run events were carried out in around 30 cities in China in 2017, attracting about 3,500-5,000 people for each event.

Football Mania is a TV reality show jointly produced by the Group and Guangdong TV.The show features the selection and training of a group of football amateurs, who are first coached by Manchester Football Club and then compete with the Premier League Team.

The show was granted “Top Ten Branding Cases” by the 13th Golden Elephant Award of China Brand, laying out a good start for the Group’s proprietary sports IP.

Leveraging on its resources and expertise in sports, the Group launched its key initiative in snooker field: CVB Snooker Challenge, a competition between Chinese team and British team.

The first CVB Snooker Challenge was successfully held in Shenzhen in July 2017. After two days competition, the British team, headed by Ronnie O'Sullivan, won the first championship over the Chinese team, headed by Ding Junhui.

Champions' Camp aims to develop a professional training platform for sports fans by partnering with global leading sports stars.

In August 2017 the Group launched its first Champions' Camp project — John Higgins International Snooker Centre by partnering with Wizard of Wishaw John Higgins and Mercedes Benz.

Leveraging on its IP and distribution resources, the Group provides comprehensive marketing solutions on credit cards: issuing designate credit cards, planning special credit card events, promoting credit card consumption, bundled brand promotion, and credit card design.

The Company collaborated with China Construction Bank again to promote the upgraded theme credit card of Transformers 5: The Last Knight in the first half of 2017. Moreover, the Company signed the cooperation agreements with two leading global credit card companies – VISA and MasterCard in the second half of 2017, to provide VISA and MasterCard a series of credit card marketing services in China.