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Wonderful Sky Financial Group
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Main Business

The Company commits to becoming China's leading pan-entertainment "IP+" operator, and strives to develop a complete pan-entertainment "IP+" value chain from the downstream to the upstream.

On the upstream, the Company obtains IPs either by licensing or by developing its own. Benefiting from Camsing Global's over 20 years involvement in brand management and marketing, the Company obtains licensing rights of many well-known global IPs, and is the leading IP licensing operator in China.

In the meantime, the Company proactively invest in movies, TV dramas, animation, sports, music and games so as to develop proprietary IPs. In October 2017, the Company completed the acquisition of POW! Entertainment founded by Stan Lee — Father of Marvel, which injected new energy into the Company's proprietary IP and opened a new chapter for the Company's proprietary IP business.

On the downstream, the Company takes multiple approaches to monetize its IP resources by leveraging on its strong partnership with China's Top 500 firms. The Company licenses its IPs to such firms as theme parks, commercial estate developers, banks, game developers, 3C retailers, etc., and also provides marketing planning and solutions to those firms.

Furthermore, based on its IP resources as well as its customer's needs, the Company conducts professional R&D, provides total solutions with respect to licensed merchandise, promotional goods and gifts, and sells those products via rich distribution channels laid out by Camsing Global.

Business Model:

IP Value Chain: