By optimizing the online bonus-point system and other digital marketing operation solutions, MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) can offer professional customer loyalty program management services to its clients in banking, energy, aviation and communication sectors, which could effectively improve users’ interaction and increase the impact of crossover marketing.

MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) has more than 10 years’ experience in bonus-point marketing, it can provide its business partners with high-quality licensed consumer products and electronic coupons of multi-point solutions. These solutions are supported by its comprehensive online e-commerce system, first-class supply chain and excellent after-sales services, MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) operates one of the largest bonus-point service platforms in China. In addition to this, MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) is also capable of offering high-end, sophisticated and data-intensive marketing solution by utilizing cutting-edge internet technology and benefiting from its own marketing resources.


Manage the VIP credit card Customer Loyalty Program for CCB

CAMSING has been working with China Construction Bank (CCB) Dragon Credit Card Center for more than 10 years. It serves CCB through offering, planning and designing marketing activities and well-chosen products to its VIP credit card holders. Recently, CAMSING is awarded the tender to manage the bonus points exchange program which allows CCB VIP credit card holders to use the bonus points to exchange the CNPC gasoline filling card. This project not only facilitated the corporation but also captured the synergies among China Construction Bank Dragon Credit Card Center, CNPC and CAMSING. It provided the integrated marketing for CCB Dragon Credit Card Loyalty Program and delivered more benefits to its loyal card holders.

CEB VISA FIFA World Cup Interactive Quiz enhances the users’ adhesiveness.

CAMSING bespoke a FIFA World Cup Interactive Quiz for CEB visa card holders. CAMSING successfully customized a marketing solution to its client - CEB visa card holders, during the FIFA world cup period by combining top news and football fans’ demand into a quiz which enabled the fans to socialize among themselves and guessing the football match results whether staying at home watching TV or partying away from home. The program effectively attracted new users and offered fun experience to the existing users.