By optimizing the online bonus-point system and other digital marketing operation solutions, MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) can offer professional customer loyalty program management services to its clients in banking, energy, aviation and communication sectors, which could effectively improve users’ interaction and increase the impact of crossover marketing.

MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) has more than 10 years’ experience in bonus-point marketing, it can provide its business partners with high-quality licensed consumer products and electronic coupons of multi-point solutions. These solutions are supported by its comprehensive online e-commerce system, first-class supply chain and excellen after-sales services, MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) operates one of the largest bonus-point service platforms in China. In addition to this,MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) is also capable of offering high-end, sophisticated and data-intensive marketing solution by utilizing cutting-edge internet technology and benefiting from its own marketing resources.


Lucky Man, Stan Lee’s original British TV series is a success

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man is a British crime drama television series, produced by Carnival Films and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment for SKY 1, which follows the story of Murder Squad detective who is granted the power to control luck. This is Stan Lee’s first original British Drama. Since its debut in 2016, it won an averaged 1.49 million viewers per episode, making it Sky 1’s most successful original dram series to date. The third series is currently broadcasting and streaming in the UK and Ireland Shudder, a popular video on demand service, has acquired all three seasons of Lucky Man to be released in the US, starting with the first season in November 2018.

Stan Lee (Shanghai) Comic Universe first launched in China

As Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment’s first comic convention in China, Stan Lee (Shanghai) Comic Universe is scheduled to take place in Shanghai in 2018 October.

Transformers Series Credit Cards - MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING)Integrated Marketing Model

MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) helped China Construction Bank issued over 4 million Transformers Co-branded Credit Cards and at the same time, plant its marketing into the film plot of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, a movie with a worldwide box office revenue of $1.1 billion, including $320 million from the mainland China market. This marketing campaign effectively and successfully promoted the brand of China Construction Bank to 25 major regions in the world.

The innovative gaming method unlocks real commercial value - The Legend of LuoXiaohei

The Demon Spirit Book of the Legend of LuoXiaohei is a strategy-card-player mobile game development by MH Development Limited(Ex CAMSING) and Luoxiaohei Studio. Based on the popular IP the Legend of LuoXiaohei, it was created to meet users’ interests. This game has proven its commercial value. Original animation characters and plots are vividly portrayed in the mobile game including the features from character design, innovative gaming method, strategies that need to be used to play the games and the combating system. The players are all fascinated by these contents and features